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Us at our first meet!

This page will let you get to know a bit more about the group personally and share some information you might want to know.

How We BeganEdit

We didn't officially begin until the last minute after I was consulting with Myah((Prussia/America/Sweden)) about just the two of us going and walking around Wal Mart in our cosplays ((Me being England at the time.)) When we suddenly had an idea. We thought it would be cool to ask other cosplayers on Facebook if they were into Hetalia and cosplaying too and would meet up with us at the park, which is how we got out two other members: Jenn((Fem!Germany/Fem!France/Fem!America)) and Morgan((Canada/Flying Mint Bunny/Russia.)) We met up at the park, and we were originally going to just make some short videos and upload them to my first YouTube account((xXTawnyMcDawnyXx)) when we thought about making our own channel. So now here we are with me running the YouTube channel, the Facebook page and the Wiki while Jenn handles our website((Yeah people, we have an official website >:D I'll post the link soon.)) Myah and Morgan are happy to not have to do anything xD

We also never thought of being other characters until our Casual Cosplay video((Our first one, imagine that xD)) And thought that if we just did a casual cosplay we could say what different character we'd be and it'd be like LARPing and Cosplaying without changing outfit.

Started on Hetalia?Edit

I think it's safe to say that out of all of us, Myah was the first to talk about it. Soon followed Morgan and Jenn, and finally me ((Yeah, I'm a lone ranger... xD)) Jenn turned out to be like me when I reacted to it at first. Both Jenn and I thought it was stupid and wanted no part of it, but Morgan and Myah finally ended up convincing us to like it. ((Though it kind of sucks the episodes are only 4-5 minutes long each... xD))


At first our group was myself, Myah, Morgan and Jenn. But as of recently we acquired more members! Such as Bella who cosplays Finland and France, Brandon who cosplays Russia and MaryJane who is Fem!Japan. 

Videos We MakeEdit

Mostly we do either Casual Cosplay videos or CMV's, but we are soon going to be starting a series where we have some of our Creepypasta characters and Hetalia characters meet up and interact with each other. I've decided to write the script on this wikia, so look out for it! :D

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